Learn From The Best Professional

Personal Branding Examples

Darren Hardy

Darren has proven himself time and time again in the personal branding realm. One quick look on his website and you immediately know he knows what he is doing. When you look at his website, everything flows as it should. This is especially apparent when it comes to the pictures.

Darren distinguishes himself and his website from the others by following proven personal branding principles. We can identify that he is a speaker, a writer and a professional, not to mention an all around nice guy. That is the power of personal branding.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo showcases an incredible site, but one thing that really stands out is her authenticity. She is herself and only herself, even when standing next to famed celebrities. This immediately draws people in, making her more personable, trustworthy and likable.

This shows that personal branding is not yelling and shouting that you are the best and greatest. Its about displaying your true self and showing off your capabilities. Everyone is unique and different and personal branding is meant to showcase these differences and draw people in. No matter what niche or industry you are in, you can learn form Foreo’s website! Take a few minutes to carefully scan and see what ideas you can implement.


Meet Veronica and see personal branding done well. Veronica displays a number of qualities all in one positive and fluid atmosphere. Her page flows seamlessly to keep you interested, engaged and reading. Veronica’s pictures carry a message followed by her words that provide even more appeal. Everything has been carefully formatted so you aren't focused on the page, but what she can do for you.

Personal branding isn't just about attention seeking, but getting people to read your page and hear your work. This means your page needs to reduce distractions to create an environment people feel comfortable with and can get to understand your qualities better. Master the formatting like Veronica did and you will be well on your way to success.