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Simply sign up for PersonalSite, create an appealing profile, browse and apply for jobs, and receive custom applications.
Payments and payment methods are agreed upon by you and the buyer.
You have two options: Browse the consultants listed or post a job and receive applications directly from consultants.
Payments take place off-platform and are between you and the consultant for maximum convenience.
Duration will depend on your experience, how well you set up your profile, and how many applications you send out.
We welcome all skill levels as there are a wide variety of jobs and opportunities.
This depends on several key factors like how well you perform, how often you get hired, and if you get repeat clients.
Payments are between you and the buyer. Come to an agreement beforehand that suits both parties.
No. You can find consultants by browsing rather than by posting a project.
Every business and situation is different; however, receiving expert advice and guidance is beneficial for everyone. A consultant can help whether you have questions, need advice, or want to take the next step forward.
Yes, you can hire as many consultants as you need.
There are consultants in nearly every field and industry. Simply browse the industries and see if you find a relevant consultant.