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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Select the industry you are in to find an experienced, trusted, and professional consultant. Stop struggling and Second-guessing, find someone who can help you.

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Experience expert advice in every industry. We understand the importance of finding a proven professional who knows your industry inside and out. Let these experts put you on the fast track for success by providing incredible advice on the number one consulting platform - PersonalSite!

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PersonalSite has become a reliable leader in the consulting industry after serving countless businesses worldwide. PersonalSite empowers business leaders to find and hire the best consultant for their projects. Enjoy massive talent with over 100 consulting firms and over 10,000 independent consultants to choose from. Quickly and easily send out offers and select the best candidate for the job.

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How does it work?

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Posting a project is free and straightforward. Receive offers from qualified consultants on our site or browse the talent and send out offers as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No. There is no subscription and even no credit card is required.
We charge 5% of each transaction once you get a project via PersonalSite.
You get 100% of your first project and later you get 95% of the project amount.
No, there is no need for a credit card to create your account.
You can find small one-time gigs and long-term retainers.
Out data mining experts scan the whole web and put all opportunities in one place for you.
Creating your profile on our consulting marketplace will boost your chances of getting hired faster. Businesses looking for help will be able to invite you for projects directly
It depends, it can be the next morning or within the next couple of months.
Currently, we are operational in the USA. You will find both remote and office-based consulting opportunities. You can select your desired location for office-based opportunities.
At least 8 years of corporate experience.
It depends on how much you charge per hour.
No, this is an exclusive platform for senior-level executives and independent consultants. We review and verify each profile on PersonalSite.
Our team will review your profile if you have provided complete information including a link to your Linkedin profile. We will approve your account within 24-48 hours.